A Brand New Way was founded a little over nine years ago. It spun out of a desire to build a different kind of company that combined marketing, creative and technology to help clients build the kinds of businesses and brands that didn't just create customers - but created engaged fans. We took pride in challenging the notion of what interactive could do for our clients and the relationships they wanted to have with their customers.

A Brand New Way grew as amazingly talented people joined the company to push forward with those same ideas in mind. We became the digital agency that we love today.

We must be doing something right because today we're excited to announce that A Brand New Way has been acquired by White + Partners, one of the top advertising agencies based in the DC area. New home, bigger team and doing even more of the work we love.

We're excited about our new chapter as we take on even more challenging and exciting projects. It'll be our best work yet.

Thank you. (-: